Key Features
Highlighting our favourite bits
We know you want to see what Expressions has to offer, so here are some feature highlights to peruse:

Photoblogging is what we're all about

Our focus is photoblogging - it's what we love and we want more people to love it too! Posting photos to your photoblog couldn't be easier. Tag it, assign it to galleries, decide on whether to show the EXIF data or not, or perhaps even add a purchase print form so visitors can get a print to hang on their wall.

We also understand that many artists enjoy creating Flash movies to showcase their works so we make it easy to upload a Flash movie (.SWF file) as well.

As with all blogs, archives are important. Expressions will auto-thumbnail your images if you choose and create image-based archives - so much more fun to browse! It's all about the photos!

Expressions Image Tools

With every blog post, you have an option to use our Expressions Image Tools. These nifty tools enable to you edit your image without needing an image editing program such as Photoshop. It's a quick and easy way to crop your images, add borders, resize your images, and even add in various artistic effects for fun! This means you don't have to fiddle with your image before logging into your Expressions account to post an entry to your photoblog (perfect for if you are travelling and don't have access to your faithful Photoshop).

Getting the look with the template builder or the pre-designed templates

The choice is yours, but either way you'll get a good looking site to show off your photos. We understand that you want your photoblog to express who you are. With that in mind we have created an easy-to-use template builder so you never have to dabble in HTML or CSS. With our template builder you can customize your blog design (the layout, colours and what components you want to use).

If you don't feel like dabbling with our template builder, simply pick one of our pre-designed templates to use (they're pretty good-lookin if you ask us). Quick, easy and you have a stylish blog in seconds!

Of course, if you like HTML, CSS and any other web languages and want to design your own photoblog, you have full access to your template HTML and CSS to do as you please.


Tagging your photos is a fun way to get involved in the Expressions community. Your tagged photos will show on our frontpage of tags and folks can browse all photos similarly tagged throughout Expressions. (Of course, your photos will only show if your photoblog is public, so no worries if you have set your blog to private).

Getting Feedback

Feedback on your photos is always a good thing - it helps you to improve as a photographer, or just feel good about that great shot you took. Comments allow visitors to leave their feedback on your photographs, or you can use the quick and easy Ranking option so visitors can give your photo a positive or negative rank (we're hoping they opt for the positive one of course!). This lets folks who may not have a lot of time on their hands to leave some feedback without having to wonder what to say in a full comment.

Bulk Image Uploading

If you have a number of images you want to upload at one time, simply use our "Bulk Image Upload" option. You can upload five images at once (assigning each a title, galleries and whether you want to show your EXIF data or not). Each upload creates a new entry, so you can always go back and add in other information, or edit the entry in any way.


We love to travel and we love other languages. We also believe strongly in creating a system that is accessible world-wide and this means making the system multilingual. Currently we offer English, Spanish, French and German. If you would like to request a language and/or are willing to assist us in translation, please feel free to contact us at .